Africa Shall Be the 1st Continent To Phase Out Amalgam The West African Summit on Phasing Out Amalgam was held in Abuja on 20 May 2014, bringing together NGO leaders from the ECOWAS nations of Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal, plus also from Tanzania. They adopted the Abuja Declaration, then invited NGO leaders from across Africa to join as signatories. Cognisant of the fact that mercury, which is used in dental amalgam, is a restorative material that is approximately 50% elemental mercury,1 and is a notorious heavy metal of global concern that is known to be a potent poison of the human nervous system.2
Highlight: Environmental and human health impact of mercury in dental amalgam Caries Management Pathways Caries activity and risk assessment Caries Management by risk assessment ICDAS-ICCMS caries management pathway Minimum Intervention Dentistry in General Dental Practice (Brostek and Walsh)
Highlights: Use of composite materials for restorations Dr. Faycal Iratni GC Corp Europe, Headquarters Belgium Layering Techniques in conservative dentistry – Dr. Faycal Iratni GC Corp Europe, Headquarters Belgium Mercury Free Dentistry Hands on Workshop – GC Corporation Europe Headquarters Master trainer